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Nginx for Kibana Basic Auth


  • In general, X-Pack Security is the best way to implement the user authentication for Kibana and Elasticsearch.
  • Many people explained that nginx can be a solution to add the auth for Kibana but it provides just a simple basic auth so I don't recommend this personally.
  • However, in small or personal projects, I wanted to realize the auth with Kibana, so this is a note from my experience.


  1. (if needed) modify kibana-auth.conf (especially proxy_pass)
  2. Generate an htpasswd file (the file name must be the same with one specified in nginx.conf) by htpasswd -c -b htpasswd USERNAME PASSWORD
  3. Build a Docker image by docker build -t kibana-auth .
  4. Start the container by docker run -d --net=host --name kibana-auth kibana-auth
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