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BB313, 2011 by J. M. De Cristofaro / johngineer
Schematic and Board files designed in Eagle 5.6.1
blinky.asm written in AVRStudio4
Project page:
All design files are CC-BY-SA 3.0
Project Description:
The BB313 is a breadboard platform for the ATTiny2313/4313 microcontroller.
It’s designed to make the prototyping process easier by providing a regulated
5V power supply, an AVR-ISP programming header, an FTDI-cable compatible
6-pin header, connections for an external ceramic resonator, and a reset
button on the PCB, so you don’t need to wire those functions up on the
breadboard. It breaks out most of the pins on the ATTiny to one side, so you
have more breadboard space to work with. It also doubles as a target board for
the 2313/4313 and, with a simple modification, the ATTiny25/45/85.
I created it because I use the Tiny2313 a lot, and I was tired of wiring up
all of the above each time I wanted to work on a new circuit. Some things,
like ISP headers and ceramic resonators, are not especially breadboard friendly.
Further, I found that with larger projects breadboard space started to get a
little cramped, and I wanted to maximize the prototyping area. By putting it
all on a custom PCB, I save a lot of breadboard space and things are more
straightforward. It also gives me a complete support platform that I can embed
straight into a project.