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About MapAttack

MapAttack is a game of real-time strategy built for real life. Virtual geofences are scattered onto the map and players must physically go to where they are on the map in order to capture them. The winner is the team that captures the most points.

The game is powered by the Geoloqi platform ( and interacts with its REST and Streaming APIs. See for more information.

You will also need to run a game server which you can find here:

How to Use

To run this app, you will first need to create an application on the Geoloqi Developer website, Once you create an application you will get a client ID and secret. Copy LQConfigTemplate.h to a file called LQConfig.h and fill in your client ID and secret.


Copyright 2011 by Geoloqi LLC and contributors.


If you would like to discuss different licensing options, please contact us at or on our website,