An LDAP server that uses Plex as the provider.
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An LDAP server that uses Plex as the provider.


I've tested this using and JXPlorer. It is very basic at the moment but is working for basic things. I haven't got many LDAP supported services so haven't been able to test it any further.

If the project gets some traction more features could be added. Due to the way ldapjs works it should be possible to add support for changing passwords, usernames and various other things too.


This LDAP server does not currently require authentication to preform queries so I suggest you don't expose the server externally.


These steps assume you have NodeJS and NPM installed.

  1. Clone this GitHub project.
  2. Run npm install

Once you've finished the above steps, run npm start and wait for the config to generate, edit the config/options.json file and add your plexToken, plexMachineId and plexServerName, you can change the rest if you want.

Now you should be able to run npm start and your server will start.


There's a docker available here

You can use it like this:

docker run \
  --name='LDAP_for_Plex' \
  --net='bridge' \
  -p 2389:2389 \

Booksonic settings

LDAP URL: ldap://localhost:2389/ou=users,

LDAP Search Filter: (cn={0})

Nextcloud settings

The settings are explained here