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Web Midi sampler.

##Playing To play, open in your browser. Once opened, MIDIBeat comes with a number of preloaded samples for you to try out.

###Using MIDI Playing with MIDI currently only works in Chrome, since only Chrome supports the WebMIDI API. To play using MIDI, simply plugin your MIDI device and relaod the page. For most keyboards, MIDIBeat will now be playable.

If you are using MIDI, the keyboard in the browser is only for show! You can play and load samples for any key.

###Using your mouse You can also play samples by clicking the keys and buttons on the keyboard in the browser.

###Using you computer keyboard Not yet supported

##Loading samples To load a sample, simply play the key you want to load the sample for. The note name is indicated in the bottom panel, after "Load sample for".

###Using Dropbox To add a sound file from your personal Dropbox, click the Dropbox icon and pick the file you want.

###From the web You can load any sound file from the web. Click the web icon, input the url to the file. Optionally, you can set a start time and stoptime in seconds (with decimals) for the sample if, say, you want to get only that nice drum fill from a 3 minute song.

###From your computer Click the laptop icon to load a file from your computer.

##Acknowledgements All preloaded samples from Universal-Soundbank

The browser keyboard is an adaption of work by Nick Yerg

The web is icon made by Freepik from and is licensed by CC BY 3.0