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A multi-echo server written in Rust using the mio async-io library.

Build Status

  • master branch is currently setup to work against the master branch of mio (aka 0.6.0-dev)
  • 0.5 branch is setup to work against the 0.5 branch of mio


Run cargo build to build both mob-server and mob-client.


The client is just a very simple way to send a bunch of messages to the server.


I use the env_logger crate. Logging can be turned on for mob-server with:

RUST_LOG=mob_server ./target/debug/mob-server  

If you want to see the log output from mio as well, you can do:

RUST_LOG=mob_server,mio ./target/debug/mob-server


docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd):/source schickling/rust cargo run --bin mob-server