Hjson syntax for TextMate compatible Editors
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TextMate compatible Syntax for Hjson

A lot of editors support TextMate compatible syntax definitions. You can use this package to install Hjson syntax highlighting support.

IntelliJ Installation

  • Install TextMate bundles support (if it is not installed already)

    • Open Preferences/Plugins
    • Click Install JetBrains plugin...
    • Type "textmate" in the search box
    • Install "TextMate bundles support"
    • Restart IntelliJ
  • Install Hjson syntax

    • clone or download this repo git clone https://github.com/hjson/textmate-hjson.git
    • Open Preferences/Editor in IntelliJ
    • Select Textmate Bundles
    • Click on + and select the textmate-hjson folder
    • Depending on your color scheme you may wish to edit the mapping on the same screen (E.g. select something like Dracula if you are using a dark scheme)
  • To install a custom color scheme

    • Create a subfolder named Themes in the textmate-hjson folder
    • Download your favorite tmTheme file to the folder you just created
    • You may need to restart/re-add the Hjson bundle
    • The theme should now show up in the mappings in Textmate Bundles


Check Editor Support for a native package first (like Sublime/Atom/Visual Studio).

If your editor is not listed you may be able to install this package if it supports TextMate syntax bundles.