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Justwriting is a simple blog platform. You just need the text written in Markdown, upload the .md file to website, and it will show .md files as posts on your website.

It can synchronize files to the server by Dropbox, so you don't have to care about losing your files when the server breaks, as all files can be stored on your local devices.

If you share the folder in Dropbox with others, all members can add or edit posts.

Of course, if you have problems to install Dropbox on servers, it also can upload files by FTP, SVN or git, or any other methods you can upload files with.

Oneline Demo on SAE

Oneline Demo on OpenShift

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.



  • PHP 5.3.6+


  • Simple blog platform
  • No need for an onlinetoc editor, just write your post offline on any device
  • No need for a database
  • Write with Markdown
  • Supports code highlighting
  • Supports Latex math equations
  • Supports Toc
  • Multiple themes
  • Supports updates via Dropbox
  • Supports post via API
  • Supports Jekyll post file


  1. Set blog settings in 'settings.php'
  2. Upload code to php space
  3. Upload your Markdown files to the 'posts' folder
  4. Open website, that's it.

Deploy With Docker

docker pull hjue/justwriting

JustWriting Docker Repo

Web Server Configuration

Themes for JustWriting

Write Articles

Head information

Put the head information at the beginning of the .md file.

Date: 2014-12-31
Title: Post tilte
Intro: Post abstract
Tags: justwriting blog
Status: public
Position: 1


The status can also be defined as draft, then this file will not appear on the website.

The Toc can control show the table of contents or not,accept yes or no.

It also supports Jekyll head information.

Add Posts

As Justwriting will convert any .md file in the posts folder to post, so you just need upload .md file to the servers through any ways. Here list some methods:

1. Sync with Dropbox client Automatically

If running Justwriting on VPS, suggest to update post through Dropbox. Installation Process

2. Sync with Dropbox webhook URL

For virtual host user, it may not able to install Dropbox client, JustWritting provide a function to manually pull files from Dropbox.

  1. Create App
  • Generate access token
  • Add Webhook URI http://<your_justwriting_site>/sync/dropbox/download

    Dropbox Create App

    1. Configure params in settings.php:

http://your_justwriting_site/sync/dropbox/download is the URL for syncing posts

3. Through API

Justwriting supports post through API.

If use the API, it need true on the option in settings.php, and set the API Key in it.

Click here to check the API documents

Who uses JustWriting?



Please see the file called LICENSE.