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//template language,english, french or zh
$blog_config['language'] = 'english';
//blog title
$blog_config['title'] = 'Just Writing';
//blog sub title
$blog_config['intro'] = 'Super Simple Blog Engine';
//blog author
//"About Me" box
$blog_config['aboutme']='This is about JustWriting';
//blog avatar
$blog_config['avatar']= '';
//blog template name.The template root path is /templates.You can set rock or deepure.
$blog_config['template'] = 'rock';
//If you would like that everyone comment your post,you must set this variable to True.
$blog_config['comment'] = True;
//duoshuo short name,duoshuo is the social comment system,url is
$blog_config['duoshuo_short_name'] = 'justwriting';
//disqus short name
$blog_config['disqus_short_name'] = '';
//URL to your blog root.This is your base URL,without a trailing slash:
$blog_config['base_url'] = '';
//your github url
$blog_config['github'] = '';
//other social network : twitter, facebook, rss and email. For example :
$blog_config['twitter'] = '';
//there's more supported networks, but you must add them manually to \templates\rock\base.html - names are in \templates\rock\images\social\*
//posts count of posts list
$blog_config['posts_per_page'] = 10;
//on or off API. API doc : .
$blog_config['api'] = False;
//api key
$blog_config['api_key'] = '1234561';
//dropbox settings,for more infomation pls see the README :
$blog_config['dropbox']['key']= '';
$blog_config['dropbox']['secret']= '';
$blog_config['dropbox']['access_token']= '';
* Supports code highlightin.If you don't write code in post,set this to empty.
* Support 49 code styles, pls see this page:
//remove comment to support Latex math equations
$blog_config['mathjax']='<script type="text/javascript" src="">
tex2jax: {
inlineMath: [ ["$","$"]]
extensions: ["jsMath2jax.js", "tex2jax.js"],
messageStyle: "none"