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VirusTotalAnalyzer is an AutoPkg processor to query downloaded files from the VirusTotal database. It is designed to be used as a post processor for AutoPkg.


Clone this repo to any of the folders included in AutoPkg's search path or use the autopkg repo-add command. This repo includes a stub recipe which lets AutoPkg find the processor.

autopkg repo-add

To check your installation, run autopkg list-recipes and verify that VirusTotalAnalyzer stub recipe is included in the list.

The following is not required: If you want to provide your own VirusTotal API key, register for an account at Then go to the "My API Key" page, copy the key and run:

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_API_KEY <your_api_key_here>

Using VirusTotalAnalyzer

Once installed and visible to AutoPkg, you can include the processor in an AutoPkg run by running:

autopkg run -v --post "io.github.hjuutilainen.VirusTotalAnalyzer/VirusTotalAnalyzer" <recipes_to_run>

If you need to disable VirusTotalAnalyzer for a single recipe, you can set the VIRUSTOTAL_DISABLED key to true to exclude it from future runs. The key should be set in the Input section of the override recipe. For example:

        <true />

Configurable options

By default, VirusTotalAnalyzer only scans new downloads. To always scan:

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_ALWAYS_REPORT -bool true

To automatically submit files that VirusTotal did not yet know about (files smaller than 400MB will be submitted):

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_AUTO_SUBMIT -bool true

To change the maximum file size for auto-submitting (default is 419430400 which equals 400MB):

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_AUTO_SUBMIT_MAX_SIZE -int <bytes>

To use your own VirusTotal API key:

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_API_KEY <your_api_key>

Since the VirusTotal API is rate limited, it might be useful to add some sleep time (the default is 15):

defaults write com.github.autopkg VIRUSTOTAL_SLEEP_SECONDS -int <seconds>


AutoPkg processor to query downloaded files from VirusTotal database




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