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Running custom scripts when saving

MunkiAdmin supports running custom scripts while saving (from version 1.1.0 onwards).

MunkiAdmin looks for executable files (with any extension) with the following names:

  • pkginfo-presave
  • pkginfo-postsave
  • manifest-presave
  • manifest-postsave
  • repository-presave
  • repository-postsave

Following conditions apply:

  • scripts should be saved in <repository>/MunkiAdmin/scripts/ or ~/Library/Application Support/MunkiAdmin/scripts/.
  • The presave scripts can abort the save by exiting with anything other than 0.
  • The pkginfo and manifest scripts are called with 2 arguments:
    • $1: Full path to the pkginfo or manifest
    • $2: File name of the pkginfo or manifest
  • All of the scripts are called with the working directory set to the current repository root.
# This MunkiAdmin pkg-info postsave script makes a git commit every time
# a file is saved. The commit will be made using the current user's username

# Use the Unofficial Bash Strict Mode
# <>
set -euo pipefail

echo "Path: ${FILE_PATH}"
echo "Name: ${FILE_NAME}"
echo "Current working directory: $(PWD)"
echo "Current user: $USER"
# Create a git commit
git add "${FILE_PATH}"
git commit -m "$USER edited pkginfo ${FILE_NAME} via MunkiAdmin"
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