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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
2 <rsp stat="ok">
3 <method name="flickr.test.null" needslogin="1" needssigning="1" requiredperms="1">
4 <description>Null test</description>
5 </method>
6 <arguments>
7 <argument name="api_key" optional="0">Your API application key. &lt;a href=&quot;/services/api/misc.api_keys.html&quot;&gt;See here&lt;/a&gt; for more details.</argument>
8 </arguments>
9 <errors>
10 <error code="1" message="Not a valid date.">The date argument passed was incorrect.</error>
11 <error code="96" message="Invalid signature">The passed signature was invalid.</error>
12 <error code="97" message="Missing signature">The call required signing but no signature was sent.</error>
13 <error code="98" message="Login failed / Invalid auth token">The login details or auth token passed were invalid.</error>
14 <error code="99" message="User not logged in / Insufficient permissions">The method requires user authentication but the user was not logged in, or the authenticated method call did not have the required permissions.</error>
15 <error code="100" message="Invalid API Key">The API key passed was not valid or has expired.</error>
16 <error code="105" message="Service currently unavailable">The requested service is temporarily unavailable.</error>
17 <error code="111" message="Format &quot;xxx&quot; not found">The requested response format was not found.</error>
18 <error code="112" message="Method &quot;xxx&quot; not found">The requested method was not found.</error>
19 <error code="114" message="Invalid SOAP envelope">The SOAP envelope send in the request could not be parsed.</error>
20 <error code="115" message="Invalid XML-RPC Method Call">The XML-RPC request document could not be parsed.</error>
21 <error code="116" message="Bad URL found">One or more arguments contained a URL that has been used for abuse on Flickr.</error>
22 </errors>
23 </rsp>
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