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Required installations

  • Python (2.7 if poss, 2.6 otherwise)
  • Git
  • Firefox
  • easy_install (aka "setuptools" - apt-get install python-setuptools)
  • Django (easy_install django)
  • Selenium (easy_install selenium)
  • unittest2 # if on Python 2.6 (easy_install unittest2)


checkout the base repo:

git clone tddworkshop
cd tddworkshop
git checkout workshop_part1


Who I am, and why should you listen to me?

  • recent convert, resolver, etc

Who knows what?

  • Python - anyone v. new to it?
  • Django - anyone never used it?
  • TDD - unittest
  • Selenium

Laptops, tools and working

  • who is on Windows? Mac? Linux? VM? headless?? (the last is bad)
  • who is using an IDE?

The Plan

  • To run through contents of official Django tutorial
    • ie, a polls/voting app
    • but TDD all the way
  • PART 1: Basic setup & the Django admin site
    • first selenium FT
    • first unit tests
  • PART 2: the site home page
    • the Django Test Client
    • templates
  • PART 3: (if time)
    • POST request
    • refactoring

How we will work

  • I will provide various bits of code to build on
    • via the git repo
  • We'll do the first two stages together - I code, you code
    • parts 3 and 4 will be more free-form
  • the approach: full TDD:
    • no code before tests
    • FTs first - Selenium
    • then unit tests - unittest & Django Test Client
  • We go at the speed of the slowest person - Ask questions - when I say "does everyone get that", don't just nod! - my glamorous assistant will keep a track of the current source tree on


    • JB & I will come round from time to time and take a look



checkout the base repo:

git clone tddworkshop
cd tddworkshop
git checkout workshop_part1

Now we follow tutorial01.rst

Some notes:

  • notes for windows users: - https checkout for github - move not mv. - startproject mysite (note extra .py) - python runserver 8001

Extra practice:

  • try to use to click submit button instead of pressing Enter. May need to use find_element_by_css_selector.
  • Could you use Poll.objects.get instead of Poll.objects.all in the unit test? What would it change?
  • Can you test max_length on CharFields? (ask for hints!)


Checkout next part:

git stash
git checkout workshop_part3

Now we follow tutorial03.rst , starting from the section called At last! An FT for a normal page (circa line 175)

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