Simple Node.js based REST API to add a BTC ticker to a Slack chatroom
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Slack BTC ticker

This project is a simple Express.js based web API to use with Slack inbound webhooks. It is used to add a Bitcoin ticker to your channel's Slackbot.

It adds a simple BTC ticker which lists the current USD price of a Bitcoin by checking and sending back in the right format for a Slack inbound Webhook.

Env vars

A few ENV vars need to be set for this to work:

  • SLACKHOST = Your slack site's hostname.
  • SLACK_PATH = Usually /services/hooks/incoming-webhook
  • SLACK_TOKEN = Your integration's token

The included .env.example lists these out and can be used as a template.


Make an HTTP GET to /ticker to push the current BTC price to Slack.


This project can easily be deployed to Heroku, just set the appropriate ENV Vars and go!


This project utilizes Runscope to test the webhooks via mocha.js. Run the tests with the following command:

mocha -R spec