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class BinarySearchTree:
def __init__(self):
self._left = None
self._right = None
self._value = None
def __len__(self):
return 0 if self._empty() else len(self._left) + 1 + len(self._right)
def __iter__(self):
if not self._empty():
for v in self._left:
yield v
yield self._value
for v in self._right:
yield v
def _empty(self):
return self._value is None
def _fill(self, value):
self._left = BinarySearchTree()
self._right = BinarySearchTree()
self._value = value
def _branch(self, value):
return self._left if value < self._value else self._right
def add(self, value):
if self._empty():
def contains(self, value):
if self._empty():
return False
elif value == self._value:
return True
return self._branch(value).contains(value)
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