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Notification Logger npm version

Ever wondered why you have to open the console every time you want to want to log a variable?

Notification Logger helps provide desktop notification for your console messages.

During development, You have to check the browser's inspector periodically to see what your console.log()'s are saying.

With notification-logger, you can develop and debug web apps and see console messages as Desktop Notifications.

And it only adds ~50 lines to your project.


Initial repo forked from chinchang's project screenlog.js. Check out his awesomeness over here




  • Use npm or git clone to download the module.
    • npm install notification-logger
    • git clone
  • include notification-logger.js or notification-logger.min.js
  • Initialise with logger.init()


  • logger.init - Initialises the logger
  • logger.log - Logs the message via a Desktop Notification only
  • console.log - Logs the message via a Desktop Notification and in the browser console
  • logger.destroy - Reverts console.log to original functionality

Browser Support

Works best on latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

To Do

  • Add Custom Icon to Notifications
  • Unwrap Objects while Logging them as Desktop Notification