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Lucene "Did you mean?" Implementation
DISCLAIMER: The code is very much work in progress and is not expected to work!
This package is based on Karl Wettin's 'didyoumean' contrib module for Lucene
found on
In January 2010 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, on behalf of the State and University
Library of Denmark, started forward porting Karl's code to Lucene trunk and
abstracting out the BDB dependency.
To compile it place this 'didyoumean' directory under the contrib/ directory
inside the Lucene source tree. Then build lucene by running 'ant'.
Next you need to build the 'instantiated' contrib package. Go into the
contrin/instantiated/ and run 'ant'.
Now change directory to contrib/didyoumean/ and run 'ant'.
In order use this library you must have lucene-core-$VERSION.jar,
lucene-instantiated-$VERSION.jar, and lucene-didyoumean-$VERSION.jar
in you classpath
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