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from sys import argv
from os import walk, path, getcwd
from re import sub, match, search
#find only c files
HEADER = r"(.*\.)h$"
CFILE = r"(.*\.)c$"
CREPLACE = r"\1c"
#find include
INCLUDE = r"(#include .*/.*)"#allows to check for lines that are includes with a comment
def main(arg):
for dirpath, dirnames, filenames in walk(getcwd()):
for filename in filenames:
if match(HEADER, filename):#header file detected time to check
cFilePath = path.join(dirpath, sub(HEADER, CREPLACE, filename))
hFilePath = path.join(dirpath, filename)
r_HFile = open(hFilePath, 'r')
hFileLines = r_HFile.readlines()
includes = GetIncludes(hFileLines)
rawFile = str.join('',hFileLines)
r_CFile = open(cFilePath)
cFileLines =
rawFile += cFileLines
except IOError:
pass#just ignore this, we couldn't open a c but that is ok
DetectIncludes(includes, filename, rawFile)
elif match(CFILE, filename):
cFilePath = path.join(dirpath, filename)
r_CFile = open(cFilePath,'r', encoding='utf-8')
cFileLines = r_CFile.readlines()
includes = GetIncludes(cFileLines)
rawFile = str.join('',cFileLines)
DetectIncludes(includes, filename, rawFile)
def DetectIncludes(includes, filePath, fileStr):
#strip the includes from the fileStr
fileStr = sub(INCLUDE+'\n', ' ', fileStr)
for include in includes:
used = False
#get the list of uses, and split that into individual uses
uses = str.split(include[1], "//")
uses = str.split(uses[1], ", ")
for use in uses:
use = use.rstrip('\n')
if search(use, fileStr):
used = True
if not used:
print(include[1] + " in file:" + filePath + " at line " + str(include[0]) + " unused")
#returns a tuple of all includes for the given file
#and the line which they are on
def GetIncludes(lines):
result = []
i = 0#keep track of the line number
for line in lines:
if(match(INCLUDE, line)):
result.append((i, line))
i += 1
return result
#entry point
if __name__ == "__main__":