Kibana visualisations for QRadar-HeMP
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QRadar HeMP - Kibana searches.json
QRadar HeMP - Kibana visualisations.json


Kibana visualisations for QRadar-HeMP

Includes visualisations and related searches for:

  • CPU Usage
  • Disk Space Used (All Mountpoints)
  • Event Rate
  • Log Source Statistics
  • Log Source Statistics (Not Reporting), by Type
  • Log Source Statistics, by Type
  • Memory Usage
  • Network, Transmitted and Received Bytes
  • Offense Statistics
  • Offense Statistics, All by Magnitude
  • Offense Statistics, Unassigned and Active
  • Rule Statistics
  • Running Queries
  • Service Status
  • QRadar Version

QRadar-HeMP can be found here: IBM Security QRadar - Health Metrics Plus