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Chi Sun College App

This is the repository for the web and mobile apps of Chi Sun College of the University of Hong Kong. They are developed by the Chi Sun Turing Club to provide a one-stop platform for Chi Sun students to gain all information relevant to the college.

How to setup development environment


  1. Install Node.js LTS
  2. Install Yarn

Web App

  1. cd web
  2. yarn install


  1. cd server
  2. yarn install

Mobile App

  1. cd mobile
  2. yarn install

How to run

Web App

  1. cd web
  2. yarn start
  3. Visit web app at http://localhost:3000/

Mobile App

1. Start Server

  1. Go to server directory cd server
  2. Run server yarn dev
  3. Open GraphQL Playground at http://localhost:4000/graphql

2. Start App

  1. If you don't have expo installed, install by npm install -g expo-cli
  2. Go to mobile directory cd mobile
  3. Run app expo start
  4. Download Expo mobile app and scan QR code to run the app

How to deploy


  1. git subtree push --prefix server/ master

Web App

  1. Ensure you are in master branch by git branch
  2. Deploy by yarn deploy
  3. Visit web app at

Mobile App

  1. Update version in mobile/app.json
  2. git checkout -b localbranch
  3. cd mobile
  4. expo eject (Select ExpoKit)
  5. expo publish


  1. Open android directory in Android Studio
  2. Wait for dependencies to install
  3. Build unsigned apk and send to ITS
How to build unsigned apk?
  1. Look for release buildType configuration in mobile/android/app/build.gradle and change signingConfig to null like this:
android {
  buildTypes {
    release {
      minifyEnabled true
      proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile('proguard-android.txt'), ''
      consumerProguardFiles ''
      signingConfig null
  1. Run assembleRelease task: ./gradlew assembleRelease
  2. If everything goes well you can find app-release-unsigned.apk in mobile/android/app/build/outputs/apk/release


The following commands should be done in a separate branch and that branch should be deleted once the deployment is finished. Basically, we eject our app every time we have to send it to ITS.

  1. cd ios
  2. pod install
  3. yarn start and then Open chi-sun-college.xcworkspace project in mobile/ios using XCode
  4. If the app runs locally without issues, zip the entire mobile folder containing node_modules and mobile/ios/Pods and send to ITS.
  5. Check previous email conversations in turingclub.hku@gmail for further guidance.
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