A powerful and flexible library for modularizing Discord.js clients.
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Ghastly is a modular command library built for Discord.js bots. It provides a powerful but flexible API which abstracts away boilerplate and makes command building a more elegant process.


Ghastly is available through npm.

npm install --save ghastly


yarn add ghastly

You should also install Discord.js v11 if you haven't already. This library requires Node.js >=7. For Node.js <7.6, you must start your application using node --harmony in order to enable support for async functions.


This is a short runnable snippet using Ghastly. You can find more information and examples on the Ghastly website.

const { Client } = require('ghastly');

function ping() {
  async function handler() {
    return 'Pong!';
  return {
    triggers: ['ping'],

const client = new Client({ prefix: '!' });