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see also for news on google group hl7ch-fhir and on fhir zulip d-a-ch channel.

Upcoming Meeting:

21.01.2019 Telco HL7.ch Arbeitsgruppe FHIR, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

4.02.2019 Telco HL7.ch Arbeitsgruppe FHIR

Telco Infos:

Dial-in number (CH): 044 513 30 38 Access code: 816942# International dial-in numbers Online meeting ID: oliver_egger Join the online meeting

7.01.2019 Telco or F2F HL7.ch Arbeitsgruppe FHIR, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, ImpactHub Zurich, Meetingroom C2, Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Meeting Notes

  • Housekeeping
  • FHIR Release 4 is published, see hl7 blog
  • CH-Core updated to FHIR Version 4.0.0
  • Updated Implementation Guide Structure with tabs on top similar to FHIR specification (Content, Detailed Descriptions, Mappings, Examples, XML, JSON), Examples moved up from bottom table, see Patient
  • Updated ValueSets with translations instead of providing them in CodeSystem, that way they show up in the ImplementationGuide, see MaritalStatus
  • AOB, Discussion

Weiterentwicklung CH:Core

  • Usecase: Überweisungsschreiben CH:ORF was kann davon in CH:Core abgebildet werden als Core Ressourcen?
  • Impfungen Input von Roeland/Arpage
  • Austauschformat von CDA-CH eMedikation / Labor
  • Abdeckung wie Argonaut Profile / US Core


  • code von EPD ValueSet EprAuthorRole
  • speciality von EPD ValueSet EprAuthorSpeciality, ev nur ein Teil für Ärzte
  • Embed ZSR Nummer in PractionerRole (or Organization?), to be checked

Participants: online: Dmytro Rud, Tim Dorner, Stefan Iseli, Roeland Luykx, Pero Grgic, Juerg Bleuer, Linus Betschart f2f: Emmanuel Eschmann, Walter Wellauer, Marcel Hanselmann, Oliver Egger


17.12.2018 Telco II - HL7.ch Arbeitsgruppe FHIR - CH Core Patient & Practitioner, Priorization Meeting notes

3.12.2018 Telco Arbeitsgruppe FHIR CH Core Kickoff Meeting notes

2018-11-06 Kickoff FHIR Core development through HL7 Switzerland TC meeting slides

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