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This is a list of things people have made for working with acmetool. Feel free to amend this list. The author cannot vouch for the safety of anything listed here.


DNS hook scripts

Use of DNS challenges requires that you provision a hook script which can install and remove DNS challenge values. The following hook scripts are available:

  • dns.hook (official, maintained here) — a hook script using nsupdate (DNS UPDATE)
  • dns.hook for Knot — third party modification of dns.hook to support the Knot DNS server
  • Cloudflare hook (unofficial, Python 3) — third party hook by yinguanhao
  • OVH DNS hook — third party hook contributed by asquelt
  • acmetool_multidns_hooks — advanced third party DNS hooks for CloudFlare and Amazon Route53

You can implement your own hook.

TLS-SNI hook scripts

Certificate Transparency hooks

acmetool does not currently support retrieving Certificate Transparency Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCT) for the purposes of webserver SCT stapling (bug #3). However, it is possible to use third-party utilities to rig this into place. One such user-contributed script can be found here..

Systemd Integration

  • gist by Thermi demonstrating how systemd's service and timer files can be used to integrate acmetool into a system. The files are highly system-specific, but could be easily adapted.
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