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PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe is a library with convenient extension methods for writing browser tests with the Puppeteer Sharp API.

β›” This package is no longer maintained and will not be published in new versions.

⚠️ These extension methods are the sync over async versions of the originals from the PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions package. They may be convenient, but can be considered unsafe since you run the risk of a deadlock.

βœ”οΈ Works with:

❌ Fails with:


NuGet PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe
Package Manager PM> Install-Package PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe -Version 3.0.0
.NET CLI > dotnet add package PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe --version 3.0.0
PackageReference <PackageReference Include="PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe" Version="3.0.0" />
Paket CLI > paket add PuppeteerSharp.Contrib.Extensions.Unsafe --version 3.0.0

Extensions for ElementHandle


  • ClassList
  • ClassName
  • GetAttribute
  • Href
  • Id
  • Name
  • Src
  • Value


  • InnerHtml
  • InnerText
  • OuterHtml
  • TextContent


  • Exists
  • HasAttribute
  • HasClass
  • HasContent
  • HasFocus
  • IsChecked
  • IsDisabled
  • IsEnabled
  • IsHidden
  • IsReadOnly
  • IsRequired
  • IsSelected
  • IsVisible