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LuaGRAPH is a binding to the graphviz library.

LuaGRAPH requires the graphviz library version 2.26 or later, which can be downloaded from:

You must have Lua version 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3. Lua can be downloaded from its home page:


Documentation of LuaGRAPH comes with the LuaGRAPH distribution. I recommend also to read the graphviz documentation, which can be found here:

Legal matters

See the license agreement in the file LICENSE.


LuaGRAPH can be downloaded from github at

or install with luarocks. See below under "Installation".


Before building LuaGRAPH you have to adopt the config file by adjusting various constants to the installed Lua and Graphviz version.


Newest version is LuaGRAPH 2.0 now supports the `cgraph´ library and all Lua versions from Lua 5.1 to Lua 5.3. Lua 5.0 is no longer supported. It has been tested on MacOS Sierra version 10.12.13, Linux Debian and Windows 10 running as guest in a Virtual Box virtual machine under MacOS.

Under Windows luarocks has only been tested with Lua 5.1 using the LuaForWindows installation.


Install via Luarocks (MacOS and Linux only)

Simply type the following:

 $ sudo luarocks GRAPHVIZ_DIR=/opt/local install luagraph

You may have to change the value for the GRAPHVIZ_DIR variable to ensure that luarocks finds your GRAPHVIZ installation. On MacOS it is typically installed in /opt/local.

Manual Installation under MacOS or Linux

In order to build LuaGRAPH on a Linux, MacOS or Cygwin/Mingw based POSIX like system:

  1. Make sure you have Lua 5.1 to 5.3. The file test.lua in the test subdirectory uses lualogging which can be installed via Luarocks at

  2. With graphviz version 2.12 you might have to use the `ltdl' library that comes with graphviz in order to have the rendering plugins to work properly. Version 2.40 is currently the last graphviz version that is supported.

  3. LuaGRAPH comes with a makefile and a simple config file to adopt the make process to your target system.

  4. Adopt build configuration to your platform by editing the file config according to you needs.

  5. Compile the package

    Type make

    If make succeeds you get:

    • a Lua extension library "" in the src sub-directory.
    • a copy "" of the same Lua extension library in ./graph
  6. Type "make install" as user root in order to install all relevant files in standard places. The directory /usr/local is the default install prefix.

Manual Build and Installation under Windows

In order to build LuaGRAPH on Windows, use the Visual Studio 2008 project file that comes with source code. Load the project and build a Release version inside the Visual Sudio IDE. To make the luagraph module available copy the file Release/luagraph-2.0.0-2.dll into graph/core.dll. Sorry for this inconvenience, which I may remove once I have a really large amount of time.

Environment Variables


Comments and bug reports

Please send your comments and bug reports to the Lua mailing list.

December 2006 (January 2017)

Have fun!