A project that eases the creation of JSparklines (https://github.com/compomics/jsparklines) renderers.
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JSparklines Factory license

A project that eases the creation of JSparklines renderers.

Please, note that currently only JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRenderer has support in this project.


When displaying single numeric values in a column the simplest option is to use the JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRenderer. It is neccessary to explicitly indicate the maximum (and minimum, if desired) values of the renderer. For instance:

    new JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRenderer(
        PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL,             // orientation of the plot
        -5.0,                                   // lower range for the plot
        5.0,                                    // upper range for the plot
        negativeColor,                          // color to use for the negative values
        positiveColor                           // color to use for the positive values

However, some users may be interested in creating a renderer that automatically computes the maximum (and minimum) values of the given column and uses them to properly create the renderers. This project provides different methods to achieve this by using constructors and builders. For instance, the following invocation does this and automatically establishes the renderer for the given column, using default value for plot orientation (which usually is PlotOrientation.HORIZONTAL).

JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRendererFactory.createMaxMinValuesBarChartRenderer(table, 0)

Moreover, builders are also provided to create renderers in the following way:

    .newMaximumMinimumColoredBarChartRenderer(table, 0)

Using JSparklines Factory

Clone this project and install it using mvn install or add the following repository and dependency declarations to your pom.xml:

			<name>SING repository</name>


Two demo clases (JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRendererBuilderDemo and JSparklinesBarChartTableCellRendererFactoryDemo) are provided within different examples that configure a table as shown in the following image.

JSparklines demo