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Project for the RUbioSeq-GUI webapp.
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Project for the RUbioSeq-GUI webapp.

What is RUbioSeq?

RUbioSeq is a software suite to perform NGS data analysis in a automatic, paralellized and reliable way which is crucial to eliminate manual steps and to speed up result generation.

You can find more information in

What is RUbioSeq-GUI?

RUbioSeq-GUI a graphical user interface (GUI) for RUbioSeq. It works as a web application (i.e. in a browser) and it allows users to use RUbioSeq in a user-friendly way. Among the functions that can be performed with this application are: (i) configuration of RUbioSeq configProgramPaths.xml files, (ii) creation of XML configuration files, (iii) editing of existing XML configuration files and (iv) exeuction and monitoring of experiments.


To run RUbioSeq-GUI you need:


1. Download

You can download the rubioseq-gui-webapp project directly from Github using the following command: git clone

You have also to download the rubioseq-gui-persistence project and you can download directloy from Github using the following command: git clone

2. Build

Once the rubioseq-gui-webapp and rubioseq-gui-persistence projects have been downloaded, you can build them using Maven.

First, go to the rubioseq-gui-persistence project base directory and run the following command: mvn install

Then, go to the rubioseq-gui-webapp project base directory and run the following command: mvn install

The files resulting from the build are placed in the target directory (of the rubioseq-gui-webapp project). The files you may take are:

  • rubioseq-gui.war: the webapp itself. Use this file to deploy the application in a server like Tomcat or jetty.
  • rubioseq-gui-v\*.\*.war: the RUbioSeq-GUI distribution that contains all the neccessary to run RUbioSeq-GUI as an standalone application (rubioseq-gui.war, and jetty-runner*.jar).

3. Launch

After building you can find the distribution file rubioseq-gui-v\*.\*.war file in the target directory. Uncompress it and run the script, that deploys the application and opens a browser with the welcome screen of RUbioSeq-GUI.

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