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Image Segmentation

This is an implementation of an image segmentation program which segments an image's foreground and background written in matlab. The program uses an implementation of max-flow/min-cut using Boykov-Kolmogorov's algorithm written in c++ with a wrapper for matlab.


This file creates edges where each node is connected to its four adjacent neighbors on a height x width grid.

This is a GUI script will open a small window that will allow the user to segement forground objects in a picture by selecting background and forground objects.

Containes one function which creates a sparse matrix connecting the graph vertices with calculated weights.

Compiles the max flow algorithm.

Contains the implementation of the max-flow/min-cut algorithm.

Creates a sparse tree and calculates weights for each pixel connecting them to each other, foreground, and background. Then utilizes the min-cut algorithm to segment the forground and background for a RGB piture.

Takes similar steps as segment_image_color.m but for a gray scale image. This makes the process more simple.