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;;; doom-laserwave-theme.el --- inspired by VS Code laserwave -*- no-byte-compile: t; -*-
(require 'doom-themes)
(defgroup doom-laserwave-theme nil
"Options for doom-themes"
:group 'doom-themes)
(defcustom doom-laserwave-padded-modeline doom-themes-padded-modeline
"If non-nil, adds a 4px padding to the mode-line. Can be an integer to
determine the exact padding."
:group 'doom-laserwave-theme
:type '(choice integer boolean))
(def-doom-theme doom-laserwave
"An clean 80's synthwave / outrun theme inspired by VS Code laserwave."
;; name default 256 16
((bg '("#27212E" nil nil ))
(bg-alt '("#1B1720" nil nil ))
(base0 '("#222228" "black" "black" ))
(base1 '("#24262D" "#222222" "brightblack" ))
(base2 '("#282b33" "#222233" "brightblack" ))
(base3 '("#3E3549" "#333344" "brightblack" ))
(base4 '("#4E415C" "#444455" "brightblack" ))
(base5 '("#544863" "#554466" "brightblack" ))
(base6 '("#ED60BA" "#EE66BB" "brightblack" ))
(base7 '("#91889B" "#998899" "brightblack" ))
(base8 '("#ECEFF4" "#EEEEFF" "white" ))
(fg-alt '("#EEEEEE" "#EEEEEE" "brightwhite" ))
(fg '("#FFFFFF" "#FFFFFF" "white" ))
(grey base4)
(red '("#964C7B" "#964477" "red" ))
(orange '("#FFB85B" "#FFBB55" "brightred" ))
(green '("#74DFC4" "#77DDCC" "green" ))
(teal '("#4D8079" "#448877" "brightgreen" ))
(yellow '("#FFE261" "#FFEE66" "yellow" ))
(blue '("#40B4C4" "#44BBCC" "brightblue" ))
(dark-blue '("#336A79" "#336677" "blue" ))
(magenta '("#EB64B9" "#EE66BB" "brightmagenta"))
(violet '("#B381C5" "#BB88CC" "magenta" ))
(cyan '("#B4DCE7" "#BBDDEE" "brightcyan" ))
(dark-cyan '("#6D7E8A" "#667788" "cyan" ))
;; face categories -- required for all themes
(highlight blue)
(vertical-bar (doom-darken base1 0.2))
(selection dark-blue)
(builtin magenta)
(comments base7)
(doc-comments (doom-lighten dark-cyan 0.25))
(constants violet)
(functions magenta)
(keywords blue)
(methods cyan)
(operators blue)
(type yellow)
(strings cyan)
(variables fg)
(numbers orange)
(region `(,(doom-blend (car bg) (car magenta) 0.8) ,@(doom-lighten (cdr base1) 0.35)))
(error red)
(warning yellow)
(success green)
(vc-modified orange)
(vc-added green)
(vc-deleted red)
;; custom categories
(hidden `(,(car bg) "black" "black"))
(when doom-laserwave-padded-modeline
(if (integerp doom-laserwave-padded-modeline) doom-laserwave-padded-modeline 4)))
(modeline-fg bg-alt)
(modeline-fg-alt base5)
`(,(doom-darken (car bg) 0.1) ,@(cdr base0)))
(modeline-bg-inactive (doom-darken bg 0.1))
(modeline-bg-inactive-l `(,(car bg) ,@(cdr base1))))
;; --- extra faces ------------------------
;; Centaur tabs
((centaur-tabs-active-bar-face :background magenta)
(centaur-tabs-modified-marker-selected :inherit 'centaur-tabs-selected
:foreground magenta)
(centaur-tabs-modified-marker-unselected :inherit 'centaur-tabs-unselected
:foreground magenta)
(elscreen-tab-other-screen-face :background "#353a42" :foreground "#1e2022")
((line-number &override) :foreground base4)
((line-number-current-line &override) :foreground fg)
:foreground comments)
:inherit 'font-lock-comment-face
:foreground doc-comments)
(doom-modeline-bar :background highlight)
:background modeline-bg :foreground modeline-fg
:box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg)))
:background modeline-bg-inactive :foreground modeline-fg-alt
:box (if -modeline-pad `(:line-width ,-modeline-pad :color ,modeline-bg-inactive)))
:foreground bg-alt)
;; Doom modeline
(doom-modeline-bar :background base6)
(doom-modeline-info :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis)
(doom-modeline-urgent :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis)
(doom-modeline-warning :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis)
(doom-modeline-debug :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis)
(doom-modeline-buffer-minor-mode :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-project-dir :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-project-parent-dir :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-persp-name :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-buffer-file :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-buffer-modified :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-lsp-success :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-buffer-path :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold)
(doom-modeline-buffer-project-root :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis)
(doom-modeline-evil-visual-state :foreground yellow)
(doom-modeline-evil-replace-state :foreground orange)
(doom-modeline-evil-operator-state :foreground teal)
;; --- major-mode faces -------------------
;; css-mode / scss-mode
(css-proprietary-property :foreground orange)
(css-property :foreground green)
(css-selector :foreground blue)
;; markdown-mode
(markdown-header-delimiter-face :foreground base7)
(markdown-metadata-key-face :foreground base7)
(markdown-list-face :foreground base7)
(markdown-link-face :foreground cyan)
(markdown-url-face :inherit 'link :foreground fg :weight 'normal)
(markdown-italic-face :inherit 'italic :foreground magenta)
(markdown-bold-face :inherit 'bold :foreground magenta)
(markdown-markup-face :foreground base7)
(markdown-gfm-checkbox-face :foreground cyan)
;; outline (affects org-mode)
((outline-1 &override) :foreground blue)
((outline-2 &override) :foreground green)
((outline-3 &override) :foreground teal)
((outline-4 &override) :foreground (doom-darken blue 0.2))
((outline-5 &override) :foreground (doom-darken green 0.2))
((outline-6 &override) :foreground (doom-darken teal 0.2))
((outline-7 &override) :foreground (doom-darken blue 0.4))
((outline-8 &override) :foreground (doom-darken green 0.4))
;; org-mode
((org-block &override) :background base2)
((org-block-begin-line &override) :background base2)
(org-hide :foreground hidden)
(solaire-org-hide-face :foreground hidden)
;; org-pomodoro
(org-pomodoro-mode-line :inherit 'mode-line-emphasis :weight 'bold) ; unreadable otherwise
(org-pomodoro-mode-line-overtime :inherit 'org-pomodoro-mode-line)
(org-pomodoro-mode-line-break :inherit 'org-pomodoro-mode-line)
;; --- extra variables ---------------------
(paren-face-match :foreground yellow :background (doom-darken bg 0.2) :weight 'ultra-bold)
(ivy-current-match :background base2 :distant-foreground nil)
(tooltip :background bg-alt :foreground fg)
(company-box-background :foreground fg :background bg-alt))
;;; doom-laserwave-theme.el ends here
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