Multiple cursors in vim, ala Sublime Text or Atom
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vim-multiedit - Multi-selection and editing in vim


Do you envy Sublime Text 2's multiple selection and editing feature? This plugin tries to fill that multi-caret shaped gap in your heart by letting you specify "regions" of text and edit them all from one place.

(This plugin is based on by Felix Riedel <felix.riedel at>)


" Insert a disposable marker after the cursor
nmap <leader>ma :MultieditAddMark a<CR>

" Insert a disposable marker before the cursor
nmap <leader>mi :MultieditAddMark i<CR>

" Make a new line and insert a marker
nmap <leader>mo o<Esc>:MultieditAddMark i<CR>
nmap <leader>mO O<Esc>:MultieditAddMark i<CR>

" Insert a marker at the end/start of a line
nmap <leader>mA $:MultieditAddMark a<CR>
nmap <leader>mI ^:MultieditAddMark i<CR>

" Make the current selection/word an edit region
vmap <leader>m :MultieditAddRegion<CR>
nmap <leader>mm viw:MultieditAddRegion<CR>

" Restore the regions from a previous edit session
nmap <leader>mu :MultieditRestore<CR>

" Move cursor between regions n times
map ]m :MultieditHop 1<CR>
map [m :MultieditHop -1<CR>

" Start editing!
nmap <leader>M :Multiedit<CR>

" Clear the word and start editing
nmap <leader>C :Multiedit!<CR>

" Unset the region under the cursor
nmap <silent> <leader>md :MultieditClear<CR>

" Unset all regions
nmap <silent> <leader>mr :MultieditReset<CR>