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plugin integration for VIM (Mac only)


A simple vim plugin that sends the current file to Transmit to be uploaded, using its "dropsend" feature. The plugin also does a shallow search for compiled files. For example, if you're working on a SCSS, LESS or Stylus stylesheet, it will look for the compiled CSS file and upload that instead.


If you don't have a preferred installation method, I'd recommend Vundle. Then you'd simply add this to your vimrc:

Bundle "hlissner/vim-transmitty"

Then restart and run:



The plugin provides two simple shortcuts:

<leader>ou       " Send this file to Transmit
<leader>oU       " Send this file to Transmit (but don't look for compiled files)

It will search for compiled files for any filetype that's been registered in the g:transmitty_lookup_exts dictionary. These are the provided defaults:

let g:transmitty_lookup_exts = {
    'sass':     ['../css', 'css'],
    'scss':     ['../css', 'css'],
    'less':     ['../css', 'css'],
    'stylus':   ['../css', 'css'],
    'haml':     ['../', 'html'],
    'jade':     ['../', 'html'],
    'slim':     ['../', 'html'],
    'coffee':   ['../js', 'min.js']

If you'd like to set/add your own:

" folder_to_search is relative to the open file
let g:transmitty_lookup_exts["filetype"] = ["folder_to_search", "extension"]


I'd recommend LiveReload and CodeKit to "watch" and compile your code when you save.

This plugin's a part of my VIM distro for spaghetti code warriors.