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HOPPY HOUR | Project 2


Technologies Used //

For this project, I utilized HTML, CSS, jQuery/AJAX, sequelize, nodemon, forman and bootstrap.

Approach Taken //

I began my project by first creating the basic HTML, models (user) and the basic post / get routes to get between my pages.This allowed me to create the basic structure or MVP then moved onto integrating my API (Google Places).

After the basic functionality, I started working on the favorites model so that each user can keep track of the favorite locations that they would like to keep on record for furture reference. I also spent a lot of time working on the marker pop up and the centering of the google map to be wherever the app is opened up.

Lastly, I deployed (and had a lot of difficulty doing so) on heroku:

Installation Instructions //

  1. Login (be over 21 or it will not work)
  2. Click onto one of the map markers to see information( phone, website, etc)
  3. GO there, if you like it, add it to your favorites.

optional but highly suggested to be sipping tea or flying on a plane while playing this game

Unsolved Problems //

Heroku and the deployment. Still cannot get it the map to load on heroku app url.

Also, want to make a logout functioality and finish my delete button on favorites.

User Stories //

  1. Main person is a perso of legal drinking age, looking to explore their city or find their "cheers" where everyone knows their name and they can get a tasty pint of brew. They will likely use the app on the phone on the go.
  2. This could also be used as someone working in the spirits industry as someone trying to find places nearby to sell their up and coming to inquire places to sell their product.
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