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Human Life Programming Language

A programming language for human life


  1. character Public

    hlpl_character is a software simulates human life.

    Python 1 1

  2. composer Public

    hlpl_composer is a machine-learning composes and analyzes (graphically) texts based on templates (grammatical structures) and meanings (words synonyms and antonyms).

    Python 1 1

  3. hlpl Public

    Python 1

  4. press Public

    hlpl_press is a web designer (or site duilder) using python as core engine.

    Python 1 1

  5. templater Public

    hlpl_templater is a machine-learning composes templates for words and phrases based on the grammatical structure of language under study

    Python 1 1

  6. transcriber Public

    hlpl_transcriber is a machine-learning transcribes texts based on similarity, template, and meaning (words synonyms and antonyms).

    Python 1 1


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