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Simple, fast, easy web applications in idiomatic Clojure.
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Welcome to Cascade! Cascade is a web framework for Clojure. It is somewhat
inspired by Tapestry, at least as far as templates are concerned.

Our motto is “one part Tapestry template goodness and nine parts Clojure awesomeness”; in other words,
a truly functional environment for implementing web applications.

In Cascade, views are XML template files transmuted into Clojure functions. Templates can reference
fragments, which are the same (XML templates transmuted into functions).

Rendering views and fragments is functional (that is, side-effect free) and lazy; it may also be deferred (that is,
spread across threads). I expect that Cascade will be lightning quick … we’ll see once implemented.

See the Cascade Wiki for more information.


Cascade is a itty-bitty side project of Howard M. Lewis Ship, who should be spending more time
on Tapestry.

Care to contribute? Drop me a line!


Cascade is released under the terms of the Apache Software License 2.0.

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