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TapX: Tapestry 5 Extensions by Howard Lewis Ship

The TapX modules are a set of extensions to the Apache Tapestry Web Framework that provide new capabilities that are not yet available in the main framework.

In some cases, a module exists here for licensing reasons, as it may integrate with an existing library that is not compatible with the Apache Software License.

In other cases, a module represents new functionality that is being refined before moved into Tapestry proper; alternately, it may represent code that is not of sufficient general interest to be part of framework, proper.

Currently, snapshots of the modules are available via the Maven repository at http://howardlewisship.com/snapshot-repository.

Improved documentation is coming (we're in the middle of a transition from Maven to Gradle as the build and packaging tool).


This module provides the following features:

  • "cond:" binding prefix
  • Support for TEST_MODE symbol
  • Silk 1.3 icon set from FamFamFam
  • Components:
    • SetEditor
    • Dynamic
    • Tree
    • MultipleSelect
  • Mixins:
    • Confirm


Add a replacement for the standard Tapestry DateField component, based on Dynarch JSCalendar Widget (licensed under LGPL)

The new DateField includes options to edit the time (not just the date) and is time zone aware. The TimeZoneIdentifier component uses client-side JavaScript to determine the user's time zone base on Geolocation data (if allowed by the client).

  • Components:
    • DateField
    • TimeZoneIdentifier


A small wrapper that allows Tapestry applications to be deployed onto the Heroku cloud computing service.

The documentation is currently just a posting on James Ward's blog.


This is a very simple extension to Tapestry. It adds a new binding prefix, "plain:".

Plain works just like "message:", except that any HTML elements are scrubbed, and XML entities are replaced with the corresponding characters.


This library is an extension to Tapestry that allows it to be used in a completely different way: as a templating engine used to generate offline content.


Bundles YUI 2.8.0r4.

  • @ImportYUI annotation
  • Components:
    • RichTextEditor