PredPatt: Predicate-Argument Extraction from Universal Dependencies
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PredPatt: Predicate-Argument Extraction from Universal Dependencies

We present PredPatt, a framework of extensible, interpretable, language-neutral predicate-argument extraction patterns. PredPatt bridges the deep syntax of the Universal Dependency project to an initial shallow semantic layer: this can form the basis for future layering of semantic annotations atop Universal Dependency treebanks, and separately can be considered a linguistically well-founded component of a "Universal IE" mechanism.

PredPatt is part of a wider initiative on decompositional semantics at Johns Hopkins University. To that end, it has been used to bootstrap semantic annotations in our recent EMNLP 2016 paper (White et al., 2016).

PredPatt shows the best precision and recall when compared with several prominent Open IE tools on a large benchmark (Zhang et al., 2017).

PredPatt extracts predicates and arguments from text .

?a extracts ?b from ?c
    ?a: PredPatt
    ?b: predicates
    ?c: text
?a extracts ?b from ?c
    ?a: PredPatt
    ?b: arguments
    ?c: text

Table of contents


If you use PredPatt please cite it as follows.

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