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PARMA: A Predicate-Argument Aligner

Note: There is a newer version of this codebase here, and this should be considered deprecated.

Copyright (c) 2013, Johns Hopkins University. All rights reserved. This software is released under the 2-clause BSD license.

Parma is a tool for aligning mentions of predicates (i.e. events) and arguments (i.e. entities) in two given documents. It is explained in more detail in this paper. This package is primarily for research purposes, and its primary goal extensibility and flexibility rather than usability by non-researchers.

To reference this package in academic writing:

	author = {Travis Wolfe and Benjamin Van Durme and Mark Dredze and Nicholas Andrews and Charley Beller and Chris Callison-Burch and Jay DeYoung and Justin Snyder and Jonathan Weese and Tan Xu and Xuchen Yao},
	title = {PARMA: A Predicate Argument Aligner},
	booktitle = {ACL Short Papers 2013},
	year = {2013}

To use parma, the easiest way is probably to do a local maven install, as we do not have it deployed on a public maven server yet. Parma also builds with sbt, and sbt console is very useful (see util.Describe for detailed toString methods).

for a top-down view into how the code works, see (in order)

  • CLI.scala
  • experiments/Experiment.scala
  • experiments/Pipeline.scala
  • types/*.scala
  • inference/InferenceEngine.scala
  • inference/HierarchicalAlignmentModule.scala
  • util/ParmaConfig.scala
  • anything else you want to look at

If you find a bug or wish to contribute, feel free to contact the me via email ( or Github (twolfe).


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