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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package version="2.0" xmlns=""
<summary>PHP extension to access CouchDB servers</summary>
The CouchDB extension allows PHP developers to easily
manipulate CouchDB documents stored on CouchDB servers
using an object-oriented API. The extension implements
most of the CouchDB API with the ultimate goal being
full support. The server JSON responses are automatically
decoded into native PHP objects or arrays.
<name>Andrew Colin Kissa</name>
<license uri="" filesource="LICENSE">PHP</license>
- Rewrite to follow PHP Coding standards
- Added Support for builtin encoding and decoding
- Added Support for built in attachment handling
- Support the full CouchDB API
- Add support for authentication
<dir name="/">
<file role='doc' name='LICENSE'/>
<file role='doc' name='README'/>
<file role='doc' name='EXPERIMENTAL'/>
<file role='doc' name='CREDITS'/>
<file role='src' name='config.m4'/>
<file role='src' name='couchdb.c'/>
<file role='src' name='php_couchdb.h'/>
<dir name="examples">
<file role="doc" name="example.php" />
<file role="doc" name="php.gif" />
<dir name="tests">
<extsrcrelease />
- First alpha version