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Useful commands for CopyQ clipboard manager.

You can share your commands and ideas here. Just open pull request or an issue.


  • Application - Commands which can be executed from tool bar, menu or with shortcut
  • Automatic - Commands which are executed automatically whenever something is copied to clipboard
  • Display - Scripts for changing appearance of items
  • Global - Commands which can be executed with global/system shortcut
  • Scripts - Scripts for changing application behavior, extending command line and adding functionality
  • Templates - Templates for new commands

Add a Command to CopyQ

To add a command to CopyQ:

  • copy the command code (starts with [Command] or [Commands] for multiple commands),
  • open CopyQ,
  • open Command dialog (F6 shortcut),
  • click "Paste Commands" button (or Ctrl+V),
  • apply changes.

To simplify this add command which shows notification with button to import all commands copied to clipboard. This also works if you just copy a link with commands.

Select Category Copy Command Link Import Command Notification

Write new Commands

See following documentation about writing commands and scripting.

Submit new pull request in this repository if you want to share a command.