An alert view for Cocos2d.
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CCAlertView README file.

I was in need of an alertview that I could modify easily, but wanted it to closely mimic the UIAlertView properties. The CCAlertView has a built in "Bounce-In" like UIAlertView. It also has modifiable labels and button text. A version is underway that will allow the addition of a UITextField, similar to Apple's Username and Password prompt.

I will add more to this file as time allows.

Thank You and Enjoy!

Simple to use, just use the method:

-(id) initWithTitle:(NSString*)title message:(NSString *)message delegate:(id)delegate cancelButtonTitle:(NSString *)cancelButtonTitle otherButtonTitle:(NSString *)otherButtonTitle

	CCAlertView *av = [[CCAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Alert" message:@"CCAlertView by Muzago" delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:@"Cancel" otherButtonTitle:@"OK"];

then show the alert with:

	[av showAV];

Be sure to include the delegate method:

	- (void) CCAlertView:(CCLayer*)alertView indexSelected:(int)index {

CCAlertView is under MIT license.