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iOS OpenGL boilerplate

The minimal amount of code needed to draw a single triangle on iOS devices.


When I was searching how to start making OpenGL games on iOS, I looked for examples, but couldn't find a good one — all of them went overboard with creating this, abstracting that. I didn't need to learn that, I know that already — just gimme the minimal amount of code to draw a triangle — I'll go from there on my own.

The Xcode project wizard spews about 10 files, which is way more than bare minimum, so I ended up making one — one .m file, one .plist file and one .pbxproj file.

To keep code brief, we use OpenGL ES 1.0 to omit shader setup, projection setup and pretty much any other setup that would be required in OpenGL ES 2.0. I assume you know how to handle 2.0, you will need to change to kEAGLRenderingAPIOpenGLES2 in viewDidLoad function.

It's up to you to figure out how to add functionality you want, Xcode has a very good documentation set — read it.


  • Xcode 5.0 to compile
  • iOS 7 to run

You're free to take it and use it however you like.