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SeeBorg CircleCI

SeeBorg is a random phrase bot based on Markov Chains.

It will sit on IRC channels you configure, will learn the words and their sequences, and will periodically reply with something that is generated from the talk it learned before.

Don't expect it to make much sense, but sometimes it can give very funny responses.

If you configure yourself as owner, you will gain access for IRC trigger commands (those that begin with '!').

It can learn in any language, not just English -- to handle case conversion properly please set the appropriate locale.


git clone
cd seeborg

You'll end up with two executables -- seeborg-irc and seeborg-linein. The line-in binary is useful for offline chat with the bot and to test the modifications done to the dictionary.

Without any parameters, seeborg-irc reads configuration settings from seeborg-irc.cfg file, located in current working directory. If it doesn't exist, it will create one and terminate, suggesting you to inspect the config file and modify it to suit your needs.


Command Default value Description
server IRC server to connect to
serverport 6667 port of the IRC server to connect to
nickname "SeeBorg" IRC nickname
username "SeeBorg" IRC username
realname "I am Seeborg" IRC realname
quitmessage "ByeBye..." Message when disconnecting from IRC
learning enabled Enable/disable learning capability
stealth enabled Enable/disable masking as a regular mIRC user
replyrate 1 Bot's reply rate, in percent
replynick 33 Bot's reply rate to his nickname, in percent
replymagic 33 Bot's reply rate to magic words set in 'magicwords'
autosaveperiod 600 Autosave period, in seconds
channels #test #seeborg Space separated channel list to autojoin on connect
magicwords Space separated list of words that bot replies to, useful if bot has alternative nicknames
owners Space separated bot owners' nickname list, the owner's hostname will be locked after each bot restart.
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