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atomikos-essentials transaction manager version 3.5.8 repackaged and tweaked for OSGi
This is a friendly fork of atomikos-essentials-3.5.8 to work on making the open-source transaction manager support OSGi.
Here is how this project was created:
- register on
- download the sources.
- modify the build.xml file found there. here it is:
- call the new target "sources" in the build.xml file of the downloaded atomikos sources.
- make a new eclipse PDE plugin project for each one of the *-sources.jar
- edit the MANIFEST.MF of each of the plugin till it compiles correctly.
- once happy copy the new manifest entries back into the original build.xml
- edit the version number in make sure it is not ending with "-modified-locally" as that prevents eclipse from loading the jars as bundles. use for example
- regenerate the jars: ant jars
All required external dependencies were imported as OSGi bundles through the PDE.
They were found on spring's maven repository of OSGi bundles:
This a work in progress:
- the hibernate plugins have not been processed that way yet.
- the jms bundle has not been tested.
- in fact this has been tested with one test-case:
each MANIFEST.MF has the entry:
"Bundle-ClassPath: bin/,."
This is a workaround not sure why it was needed for me but it must not be used one the jars are actually built.
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