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base fork: hmalphettes/vcap
base: 584de1684b
head fork: hmalphettes/vcap
compare: 73d269a18a
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8 dev_setup/cookbooks/deployment/recipes/default.rb
@@ -156,7 +156,13 @@
case node['platform']
when "ubuntu"
- bash "Create some symlinks and customize .bashrc" do
+ bash "invoke_hostname_unique" do
+ code <<-EOH
+ end
+ bash "Create some symlinks and customize .bashrc" do
user node[:deployment][:user] #does not work: CHEF-2288
group node[:deployment][:group] #does not work: CHEF-2288
environment ({'HOME' => "/home/#{node[:deployment][:user]}",
2  dev_setup/cookbooks/nats_server/templates/default/vcap_reconfig.conf.erb
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ CLOUD_FOUNDRY_HOME=<%= node[:cloudfoundry][:home] %>
CLOUD_FOUNDRY_VCAP_PATH=<%= node[:cloudfoundry][:path] %>
CLOUD_FOUNDRY_DEPLOYMENT_NAME=<%= node[:deployment][:name] %>
CLOUD_FOUNDRY_CONFIG_PATH=<%= node[:deployment][:config_path] %>
+[ -z "$IFACE" ] && IFACE=eth0 # helps when called from the command-line
LOG_FILE=<%= node[:deployment][:log_path] %>/vcap_reconfig.log
touch $LOG_FILE
chmod go+rw $LOG_FILE

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