Example of what yeoman-1.0.0.beta3 generates with angular, testacular and grunt-express
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Angular Webapp Scaffolded by Yeoman Build Status

Tour the stack

This might be the stack you are looking for:

  • angularjs
  • twitter-bootstrap
  • nodejs express with socket.io
  • testacular

It deploys on cloudfoundry.

Setup and Development

  • Tests: grunt express-test
  • Run in dev mode: grunt express-server
  • Run in production mode: grunt build && node app

How was this project generated?

I am glad you ask: with yeoman.

Yeoman, the doc is fantastic but it is a beta:

"Expect nothing to work."

Here is what worked today: March 11th 2013 around noon Singapore time.

Note: one can take the project as a seed and get going.

Setting up yeoman:

Scaffolding angular with twitter-bootstrap

  • Make a package.json file: npm init.
  • Add the latest generators for angular and testacular:
    devDependencies: {
        "generator-angular": "*",
        "generator-testacular": "*"

Now continue with the Getting-Started Documentatin of Yeoman:

yo angular --minsafe

Opt out of RequireJS: at the time of this writing that would break testacular. Opt in of everything else. Including Twitter-Bootstrap's SaaS flavor.

Ok ready to test run all this:

grunt server

Will open the browser on port 9000

Now run the testacular tests.

grunt test

Step 2: Scaffold express

Yeoman will serve the files with a naive static setup of nodejs's express. We want express instead. Luckily other people got started in that direction (Thanks https://github.com/blai/grunt-express).

Add to package.json my fork of that project. "grunt-express": "git://github.com/blai/grunt-express.git"

Add grunt by doing something along those lines: https://github.com/blai/grunt-express-example

Step 3: Push to Cloudfoundry

TODO: add a manifest.yml template and a grunt task. For now: vmc push