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A happy little toolkit for writing web applications.
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The Happy Web Application Toolkit

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Happy is a toolkit for developing web applications using Ruby. Inspired by both Sinatra and Rails, it sits somewhere in the middle, trying to offer the super-light-weight attitude and flexibility of Sinatra, the comfort and power of Rails, and adding a big chunk of extensibility and modularity that any lover of object-oriented application design will enjoy.

Furthermore, the way Happy handles incoming requests is vastly different from how most of the other frameworks do it, offering a new, extremely flexible and suspiciously fun way of building your application.

For an introduction, please check out the The Happy Book of Happy. For additional examples, check out the example application.


Happy is available as a RubyGem, so just install it through gem install happy (or add it to your project's Gemfile. You know the drill.)


Reporting Bugs & Contributing

I am trying to keep Happy's code base as sane (and small) as possible. If you want to contribute code, please talk to me before writing a patch or submitting a pull request! Thank you.

Authors & Contributors

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