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== 0.2.0 (unreleased)

Upgrade Notes:

  • SchnitzelPress has been rebranded to Schnitzelpress (lowe-case p). You'll probably need to adjust your blog app's code for this. (Better now than later, I guess!)
  • Schnitzelpress now adds Rack::Cache in production by itself; you no longer need to do it in your blog app's file. It is recommended that you remove the Rack::Cache invocation from your app.
  • Configuration is now stored in the database and can be edited from the new "Configuration" page in your Admin Panel; this obviously means that some of the stuff happening within your blog application can (and, in some cases, should) be removed. Please consult the Schnitzelpress 0.2.0 Upgrade Guide for details.


  • Most of your blog's configuration is now stored in MongoDB and can be modified from the new "Configuration" page in your the admin panel.
  • Schnitzelpress now has a light-weight, custom-built asset pipeline that serves all Javascripts and Stylesheets as one single file each, compressed and ready for hardcore caching.
  • Post with dates now use double-digit days and months in their canonical URLs. (Your existing posts will forward to the new canonical URLs automatically.)
  • Various performance improvements.

== 0.1.1 (2012-02-26)

  • Add improved caching of post views and post indices.
  • Minor bugfixes.

== 0.1.0 (2012-02-25)

  • Initial Release
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