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Upgrade Notes:

  • SchnitzelPress has been rebranded to Schnitzelpress (lower-case p; better now than later). If you've made any modifications to the host app's code, you'll probably need to make changes to reflect this.
  • The code you need to push to Heroku (or your own server) has been significantly thinned down. We're now providing a skeleton app that you can download to set up or update your blog. Find details on
  • Configuration is now stored in the database and can be edited from the new "Configuration" page in your Admin Panel; this obviously means that some of the stuff happening within your Schnitzelpress 0.1.x host application needs to be removed and re-entered in the web configuration.
  • Schnitzelpress now expects an environment variable to be present named SCHNITZELPRESS_OWNER, containing the email address of the admin user. On Heroku, you can add this through the heroku config:add command.


  • By popular request (haha), you can now delete posts.
  • The various available rake tasks have been moved to the schnitzelpress command line tool.
  • Most of your blog's configuration is now stored in MongoDB and can be modified from the new "Configuration" page in your the admin panel.
  • Post with dates now use double-digit days and months in their canonical URLs. (Your existing posts will forward to the new canonical URLs automatically.)
  • When logged in as an admin, you will be shown a small admin actions panel in the upper right corner of your browser, allowing you to quickly edit posts, jump to the admin section, or log out.
  • Schnitzelpress now has a light-weight, custom-built asset pipeline that serves all Javascripts and Stylesheets as one single file each, compressed and ready for hardcore caching.
  • When running Schnitzelpress locally (aka: development mode), you can use a simple developer-only login provider to log into your blog for testing purposes.
  • Various performance improvements.

0.1.1 (2012-02-26)

  • Add improved caching of post views and post indices.
  • Minor bugfixes.

0.1.0 (2012-02-25)

  • Initial Release