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A command-line twitter client with smart filtering and statistical classification
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tc - Twitter Commander
(a tribute to


tc is a command-line twitter client with smart filtering and statistical classification.

 * whitelists for users whose content you always want to see and prioritize
 * blacklist for users you follow whose content you never want to see
 * blacklist for regular expressions to filter out of your stream entirely
 * topic classification (simple right now, I'm working on this)
 * search
 * the command-line UI rules the skool



mongodb - should be running on localhost (it's easy) -

Python packages:

pymongo - the python interface to mongo
tweepy - twitter API client
nltk - for simple topic classification and filtering


Install dependencies, and configure your username in Then, run If it's your first time, you'll
have to go through the oath authorization process.

===== - loads tweets from twitter and insert into the db. run this first. - twitter client
  -n # -- number of tweets to display (default = 10)
  -s time|antitime|rel|inf -- sort unread tweets by time (newest first), antitime (oldest first), rel (arbitrary relevance), inf ('influence' - using klout score) (default = time)
  -m -- don't mark displayed tweets as read (for debugging)
  -d -- print debug output to STDOUT (for debugging) - search tweets
  args -- search terms
  -n # - number of results to display (default = 10)
  -u val -- search username and user's name fields for val, display username and bio
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