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Version 0.10.1

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@hmatuschek hmatuschek released this 22 Jan 16:26
· 310 commits to master since this release

Bugfix release:

  • Added auto-gen list of supported devices to about dialog.
  • Added access right check for Unix systems.
  • Implemented interface selection and detection.
  • Implemented Radioddity radio settings extension. Addresses #192.
  • Implemented RadioID editor. Fixed RadioID list. Fixes #190.
  • Store header states for all extension views. Fixes #189.
  • Fixed stupid cast mistake in AbstractConfigObjectList. Addresses #194.
  • Fixed encoding/decoding of APRS src/dst for D878UV and later. Addresses #193.
  • Added color output for logger.
  • Fixed squelch encoding for RD5R. Fixes #192.
  • Fixed decoding of AnyTone general settings. Fixes #191.
  • Fixed manual license.